46 Labs LLC Breathes New Life into Legacy Softswitch Business Through Global Acquisition

By 46 Labs

SwitchRay’s global customer base benefits from 46 Labs advanced engineering teams to provide continuing support and service at a critical time.

Austin, TX (October 18, 2016) – Late last month, a consortium led by 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), acquired the worldwide assets of Orange County-CA-based SwitchRay Incorporated for an undisclosed amount.

As a part of their commitment to offer advanced commercial telephony, 46 Labs’ products consistently handles over a billion phone calls per day, routing in excess of ten thousand calls per second on their hosted platform, Peeredge. The timing of the acquisition was ideal for 46 Labs as they were able to step into a service gap to aid SwitchRay’s customers. Three years prior, SwitchRay had acquired the telecom products formerly marketed and sold by Aloe Systems and by MERA, a pioneer in software switch technology.

With this acquisition we are able to amplify our expertise into the next-generation of voice platforms and improve upon the SwitchRay suite of software products,” commented Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs. “Simply put, we plan to make an already good set of products even better.”

46 Labs is the sole provider and only authorized source for SwitchRay customers to receive official maintenance and support service. Staffed by a responsive customer-centric support team, 46 Labs is ready to assist any customers who may have fallen in the cracks during the transition period. SwitchRay customers are invited to contact 46 Labs with any support or license questions at:

About 46 Labs LLC

46 Labs is a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure and services to carriers and the Fortune 1000. The 46 Labs difference is its attention to simplicity, scalability and customer service. It is that approach that allows the company to power over 1 billion phone calls per day across its network and have deployments for some of the largest companies in the world.  For more information on 46 Labs’ communications service platforms, please visit and/or email

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