Operating a Cracked License? 46 Labs Offers to Look the Other Way with Limited-Time Amnesty Program

By 46 Labs


Austin, TX (December 6, 2016) 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), announced today they would be offering a limited-time amnesty program to softswitch customers who may be operating illegal or modified versions of the former SwitchRay telecom software. This unique program will allow those who wish to be compliant an affordable solution.

On September 15, 2016, a consortium led by 46 Labs acquired all of the assets of SwitchRay Inc. This included the global intellectual property rights for the all SwitchRay products. These rights include the software previously sold by MERA Systems and Aloe Systems, specifically the MVTS and RTU product lines.

“We understand that there have been many situations where customers with legitimate licensing may have either lost their licenses or had to resort to measures to extend the life of their dongles (or disable them altogether) outside of what is legally permissible under the product licensing agreement,” stated Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs.

Within the SwitchRay contract, licenses could expire if maintenance agreements were not renewed in a timely fashion. This practice was originally put into place to control who was entitled to software upgrades, but had the unintended consequences of disabling customers with perpetual licensing. Furthermore, customers that predated SwitchRay may not have elected to upgrade to the latest software versions for fear that their switching would eventually stop working.

Given the nature of how SwitchRay purchased and transferred the Aloe/MERA customer base along with the subsequent wind down of the company in 2016, this has led to industry wide confusion and a segment of the market functioning by running illegal, cracked or otherwise modified versions of the software. While this activity is in direct violation of the intellectual property rights acquired by the 46 Labs consortium, certain customers may have had to resort to extraordinary measures to maintain their businesses due to either onerous pricing charged by SwitchRay or unreasonable terms.

Due to these occurrences, 46 Labs has elected to put into place a limited amnesty program for the segment of the industry that may be in violation of the intellectual property rights of 46 Labs. Under this program, individuals or companies may contact 46 Labs and convert their illegitimate licenses into legitimate licenses with a release of liability for past activities. The one condition that will be required to perform this activity is to enter into a maintenance and support agreement with 46 Labs. A perpetual license will be granted for the capacity that is covered under this agreement at no cost. The maintenance agreements will be priced at a yearly cost of 20% of the legitimate licensing pricing and can be structured into monthly payments. The goal of this program is to offer those who wish to be compliant an affordable and straight forward method to do so. Once under a maintenance agreement, customers will be given the right to utilize our 24/7/365 support team and be entitled to all new maintenance and security releases.

This limited-time program expires February 15, 2017. This allows users over 60 days to complete the contracting process. Please contact to enroll in this amnesty program.