Experience a Secure & Easy to Manage Class 4 Solution

By 46 Labs

INTRODUCING PE-4000 SBC (formerly SR-4000, MVTS PRO)

Responsive. Secure. Manageable.

  • Responsive user interface that can be easily viewed on smartphones and tablets
  • Improved secure DTLS/TLS and SRTP protocols
  • A native WebRTC gateway for provisioning WebRTC endpoints
  • Deprecating H.323 protocol from core switching
  • Easier to manage short duration (dialer/voice broadcasting) traffic
  • Ease of in-memory database lookups for latency sensitive external services (LNP/CNAM/Fraud/Blocklists)
  • Extension of customized external routing technology via SIP-302 and proprietary Peeredge Routing Protocol
  • Ability to pass rating information through Peeredge Routing Protocol to create pre-rated CDRs
  • Fully containerized switching for easy deployment and upgrades
  • Simplified workflows for ease of use
  • Improvements in geographic redundancy capabilities
  • Enhancements for country-specific LNP/MNP

INTRODUCING PE-4000 OSS/BSS (former component of SR-4500, MVTS II)

Flexible. Control. Seamless.

  • All the same routing, reporting and invoicing functions of the MVTS II platform coupled to the Peeredge 4000 OSS/BSS system
  • Session border capabilities of the Peeredge 4000 SBC
  • Gives you the flexibility of controlling non-Peeredge SBCs (ie: Genband, Sansay or Sonus) alongside the Peeredge 4000 SBC
  • Experience a heterogeneous network, all controlled by a single OSS/BSS system
  • Control routing and reporting functionalities independently
  • Splitting into separate tiers so you can leverage the new streaming analytics faster
  • More compressive routing technologies, advanced triggering and automation

Upgrades from the SR-4500 (MVTS II) will all be completed seamlessly and all CDRs will be automatically migrated out of the Oracle databases and into the new NoSQL database backend. Routing logic will also be migrated out of Oracle and into our new in-memory backed relational routing database. These tiers will be entirely separate and can be scaled independently to accommodate installations of all sizes.