The Peeredge Story: How Does Stable & Secure Sound?

By 46 Labs

Development efforts will be performed under the Peeredge brand. This means that the product names will change.

So What’s In a Name?

The Peeredge name on a product is not simply just a name. It means that you are now using the most performant, stable and easy-to-use product in the industry. We take this part very seriously and intend to speak through our products, not just with our mouths.

See For Yourself

Want to see first-hand the direction we are headed? Feel free to set up a demo and preview our Peeredge Cloud Switch. On November 7th 2016, this platform processed a sustained load of over 20,000 calls-per-second in production during the US elections. To put that into perspective, we processed over 1 billion phone calls that day – that is 1/7th of the world’s population. Our streaming analytics engine processed each CDR in stream and the reporting was updated in less than 1 second for the entire day.

Don’t Let Statistics Confuse You

We aren’t expecting you to move to a cloud environment. It’s merely used to illustrate that we plan to deploy this next-generation thinking into your existing on-premise solutions. However, we do intend to offer options to virtualize some or all of your infrastructure, if you choose. Stay tuned for more details about these options.

No More Dongles

We will be moving away from the dongle-based licensing model and into a distributed and centralized licensing model. The first version of each Peeredge product will support this new model, which means you no longer have to worry about losing or breaking your dongle. Furthermore, customers with perpetual licenses and who are under an active maintenance contract will not have to worry about “re-purchasing” these licenses; they will be transferred automatically.