We Bring Unified Communications. In a Robust User Friendly Platform.

By 46 Labs


Robust. Simplified. Expanded.

Peeredge 5000: Carrier-hosted PBX and UC (Unified Communications) featuring a user friendly platform. Product improvements in the Peeredge 5000 system include:

  • Responsive user interface easily viewed on mobile devices and tablets
  • Simplification of workflows and user administration
  • Improvements to device provisioning, device profiles and provisioning methodologies (HTTP(S)/TFTP/WRTC)
  • Increased capabilities for voicemail storage
  • Redundant media storage backend support (Ceph, Gluster)
  • Improved DTLS/TLS and SRTP secure protocols
  • Addition of a native WebRTC gateway for provisioning WebRTC endpoints
  • Deprecating H.323 protocol from core switching
  • Improvements in automated provisioning and domain control (multi-domain environments) for mobile clients
  • Native integration with Peeredge UC Client
  • Deeper native video conferencing abilities, either peer-to-peer or media anchored
  • Improvements in Presence and end-user self-help and administration
  • Native integration into Peeredge 5000 OSS/BSS and domain level LDAP integration for enterprise clients
  • Improvements for contact center deployments


Feature Rich. WebRTC. Customizable.

  • WebRTC compatible, includes native integration to both the Android and iOS dialers
  • Native integration appears to the end user as a normal voice, video or SMS exchange
  • WebRTC protocol allows the clients to overcome firewall or other carrier-imposed limitations
  • Enables in-app branding customization, without requiring carriers to deploy a specialized app inside of the Google or Apple app stores
  • Native OPUS support removes the hassle of customizing codecs to achieve optimal voice quality
  • OPUS supports both scaling narrowband and wide-band voice payloads
  • Echo cancellation, packet loss concealment, FEC (Forward Error Correction) and adaptive jitter buffer
  • Make on-the-fly decisions about bitrate, bandwidth used and frame size
  • Simplifies user administration and lessens carrier workload

Peeredge 5000 SBC adeptly handles the transcoding necessary to pass an OPUS payload over a traditional voice network. The computing horsepower should reside on the server, not the handset or desktop. Stay tuned for further details about the new UC client in the coming weeks and months.