Take a Look at What’s Coming in 2017

By 46 Labs 12 / 23 / 2016



Similar to PE-4000 UC OSS/BSS Class-4 platform, this solution allows Carriers and Enterprises to build accounting and business logic into its Class-5 offering. Users of the Peeredge 5000 UC platform will be able to perform most OSS/BSS functions for their customers, including accounting, invoicing, reconciliation, web/mobile payment integration, taxation and enhanced financial and business logic reporting. Development efforts will begin in early 2017. Stay tuned for further details about the new OSS/BSS solution in the coming weeks and months.

PE-4000 SBC / 5000 UC (formerly SwitchRay SR-6000)

Peeredge 4000 SBC and 5000 UC platform will have native direct integrations, including support for both the 4000 OSS/BSS and 5000 OSS/BSS systems. Users of the existing SwitchRay SR-6000 platform will be upgraded to the cohesive Peeredge 4000 SBC and Peeredge 5000 UC platform at no additional cost.

SwitchRay SR-P7000 Antifraud

46 Labs will be deprecating the SwitchRay SR-P7000 Antifraud product. At the moment, the company has no intention of improving or continuing development on this product and, as such, no equivalent Peeredge product will be released.


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