Customized Architecture? We’ve got a solution for that.

By 46 Labs

Some of you have shared concerns regarding the 46 Labs Roadmap for the former SwitchRay products. Many of you have customized solutions built on top of the products using RADIUS, direct calls to the backend database architecture or other direct integrations to the platform. We understand that these augments were created to fulfill shortcomings in the products themselves, or to allow native integrations into provisioning or existing enterprise service busses. The last thing you or any of us want is a disruption to your business processes.

We are more than just a software developer.

We have encountered precisely these same concerns with vendors inside our own network and can empathize with any concerns when it comes to making changes to functioning business processes. However improvements, by definition, require change.

Rest assured we are not going to put you in this same predicament.

One of the core concerns is 46 Labs’ intention to deprecate the backend Oracle database in the MVTS II product. Much of the customizations on that product line are achieved using hooks into the Oracle Database, so understandably removing it can be quite disruptive.

No Disruptions. No Extra Fees.

By utilizing a middleware architecture designed to translate oracle logic (and client connections) into properly formed requests into the new database we eliminate this disruption. Our integration team will accommodate upgrades to the latest versions of our software for customers with direct customizations. This team’s job is to evaluate every upgrade individually, create a MOP (Methods of Procedure), coordinate with each company’s stakeholders and execute the upgrade. This integration team will also follow this methodology for customers that will not require special handling due to native integrations. Yep, this is all included in the price of your maintenance agreement.

As it relates to other customizations created directly to the MVTS/RTU products, we will extend the APIs of the products to be natively RESTful and accommodate the pub/sub model which is used in enterprise service busses (ESBs). This will allow you, or us, to easily create agents that make integrations seamless and non-disruptive.

Professional Services Team. Seamless Integration.

We realize that most of you do not maintain development teams to make any requisite changes to accommodate upgrades. We at 46 Labs intentionally maintain a professional services (PROServ) team to address these issues. Our integration team will involve our professional services team in circumstances that require significant changes to the customer environment. Our PROServ team will collaborate with the customer to determine what changes are necessary and any costs associated with performing those changes.

Your Business Goals: Our Mission

Our goal throughout these product improvements is to generate more value for our customers, so you can run your business efficiently and profitably, without missing a beat. Our customers don’t need anyone outside the 46 Labs ecosystem. At 46 Labs, we are committed to deliver an end-to-end solution for all system upgrades.

Keep in mind: we will support existing SwitchRay products until December 31, 2018.

This gives all customers a 2-year runway before any plan must be executed for an upgrade path. We may choose to extend that EOL (end of life) depending on customer adoption of the upgrades.

With our thoughtful integration plan in place and our well-executed product road map, we are confident deployments will be seamless with the reliable customer support you have come to expect.