46 Labs Unveils New Perimeter Voice Management Platform, Improving Visualization, Automation and Control for Voice Networks

By 46 Labs

New Perimeter Softswitch and Perimeter IQ solutions built on years of telephony expertise, coupled with the latest machine learning and automation technologies.

46 Labs LLC, a trusted global leader in voice network infrastructure and services, today introduced the new Peeredge Perimeter voice management platform, engineered from the ground up to enable carriers and enterprises to visualize, automate and optimize global voice networks. The new platform consists of two solutions, Perimeter Softswitch and Perimeter IQ, which draw on the success the company has achieved with its Peeredge Hosted and SwitchRay on-premise switching platforms.

The new Perimeter IQ platform leverages machine learning technologies to automate the management and resiliency of global voice networks from a single dashboard. With the Perimeter platform, enterprises benefit from intelligent self-healing and no-touch management for improved operations, while enjoying significant cost reduction due to the ability to leverage wholesale telephony voice networks. Likewise, carriers can streamline management and reduce costs through automated traffic profit and quality optimization, reduced headcount requirements, in-stream filtering and deeper reporting visibility.

“We aim to provide modern software and tooling that enables our customers to drive better visibility, control and financial efficiencies into their voice networks,” said Trevor Francis, founder and chief executive officer of 46 Labs. “With the use of machine learning and automation, our customers can manage larger workloads with less personnel, while gaining deeper insights about their voice traffic.”

The Perimeter IQ platform is designed to manage traditional session border controllers (SBCs), both hosted and on-premise, and has deep integration into the Perimeter Softswitch. Through this flexible hybrid approach, users can manage, extend and modernize their voice networks without having to rip and replace infrastructure. Being in the Peeredge ecosystem allows enterprises to easily connect to wholesale service providers who utilize the Perimeter platform, which can translate into 30-50 percent savings on telephony voice costs. 46 Labs’ carrier customers also benefit from easier access to enterprise customers, which in turn leads to a more efficient and direct market relationship.

The Perimeter Softswitch and Perimeter IQ management platform can be deployed on-premise, in a public cloud, or fully managed inside 46 Labs’ voice-optimized data centers. It can be connected remotely to existing networks through private point-to-point, SD-WAN, IP-VPN or peering arrangements, allowing customers to take advantage of hybrid solutions. The Perimeter platform is sold as a service, eliminating the need for new capital investments to reduce costs and speed profitability. For more information, visit

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