46 Labs Appoints Max Adams As Chief Revenue Officer

By 46 Labs

AUSTIN, TX. – August 14, 2019 – 46 Labs LLC, the company who built and operates the Perimeter carrier platform for next generation voice carriers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Max Adams as Chief Revenue Officer. This new role will enable 46 Labs to consolidate leadership and rapidly increase its expansion focus by helping carriers and network providers grow their business on a platform with limitless scalability.

Max brings over 30 years of experience of selling and marketing infrastructure and software to carriers around the world. Prior to 46 Labs, Max has been a visionary sales leader and individual contributor for industry organizations including WilTel, British Telecom, Excel, and Asteri. Starting in August, Max immediately assumes responsibility for the strategy and execution of the global revenue-generating activities for the 46 Labs vision.

“We are thrilled to have Max lead the 46 Labs sales and revenue growth initiatives. In this dynamic carrier market, hiring a great CRO is an important step forward towards success. Working together with such an experienced and visionary sales leader will help us ignite the customer relationships and market traction we need,” said Trevor Francis, CEO and Founder of 46 Labs.

The Perimeter carrier platform is a suite of services that enables carriers of all sizes to rapidly deploy, scale, manage and optimize services to their customers around the world. The Perimeter carrier platform is a growth engine that supports all voice traffic profiles and volumes, and customers have seen consistent 20% increases in voice margins while simultaneously lowering their overall operating costs.

“Today’s carriers are tired of hearing about features and product specifications, when what they really want is to grow their business.  Our Perimeter carrier platform enables them to rapidly innovate, monetize their vision and drive better control and financial efficiencies into their voice networks,” said Max Adams. “We’re single focused on offering a turnkey growth engine to our customers and that’s what makes this opportunity exciting.”

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