Carrier Solutions

Enabling Never Down Communications

The world has evolved into an ecosystem that
never sleeps. The backbone of that ecosystem is

Carriers are tasked with the unique duty of connecting people
and devices in such a way that they are not only performant but
resilient to downtime. This means that while much of the world
sleeps at any given time, carriers are expected to operate day or
night, rain or shine.

Our Mandate

We understand our mandate to our carrier
customers, which is why we operate offices in 4
different countries and have staff members that
span over a dozen time zones. Additionally, our
support team is ready to help you 24x7x365.

We make this commitment to you because that is
what is required to service carriers. This mandate
us to fly circles around our competition.

Carrier Profile

Lanck Telecom is a leading provider of voice and SMS services to over 200 countries worldwide. They are also one of the largest wholesale carriers in the CIS region.

Prior to our acquisition of the SwitchRay
customer base, Lanck was a customer of our
Peeredge Hosted platform and utilized it to
manage their internationally originated US
domestic traffic. Post-acquisition, we were
pleased to be responsible for supporting and
maintaining their global network of session
border controllers located in over 14 geographic
POPs worldwide.