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By 46 Labs

46 Labs LLC Brings Stable, Scalable Telephony Solutions to Lanck Telecom

Exclusive telecommunications agreement expands services in Europe, North America and Asia Austin, TX (June 2, 2017) Today, 46 Labs LLC, ...

By 46 Labs

Customized Architecture? We’ve got a solution for that.

Some of you have shared concerns regarding the 46 Labs Roadmap for the former SwitchRay products. Many of you have customized solutions ...

By 46 Labs

46 Labs LLC Enters into Maintenance Agreement with Brightlink IP

Austin, TX (January 3, 2016) – Today, 46 Labs LLC, a recognized leader in telecommunications infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS), annou...

By 46 Labs

Take a Look at What’s Coming in 2017

LOOKING AHEAD PE-5000 UC OSS/BSS Similar to PE-4000 UC OSS/BSS Class-4 platform, this solution allows Carriers and Enterprises to build ...

By 46 Labs

We Bring Unified Communications. In a Robust User Friendly Platform.

INTRODUCING PE-5000 UC PLATFORM (FORMERLY SR-5000, RTU) Robust. Simplified. Expanded. Peeredge 5000: Carrier-hosted PBX and UC (Unified ...

By 46 Labs

The Peeredge Story: How Does Stable & Secure Sound?

Development efforts will be performed under the Peeredge brand. This means that the product names will change. So What’s In a Name...

By 46 Labs

Experience a Secure & Easy to Manage Class 4 Solution

INTRODUCING PE-4000 SBC (formerly SR-4000, MVTS PRO) Responsive. Secure. Manageable. Responsive user interface that can be easily viewed...

By 46 Labs

Get Ready: 3 Very Cool Changes are Coming Your Way

Product Improvements to Help Your Business Run Smoothly Change can be scary but the changes you will see in 2017 will actually help make...

By 46 Labs

Peeredge Cloud Switch 2017 Roadmap Paves the Way for a More Customizable Solution

We are pleased to present the 2017 Roadmap for our Peeredge Cloud Switch. As many of you may know, we acquired the rights to the SwitchR...