ECO Carrier

platform for managing
carrier operations

Our approach to our Eco Carrier customers is simple. We help them save money by simplifying their operations through the use of our technology and we help them grow their business through our ecosystem. Simplify and Grow.

Memorable Experience

It's A Great Day

It's always a great day at 46 Labs, because we choose to make it so. We pledge to brighten your day through our interactions.

Value + Speed

Responsiveness is the combination of value and speed. We seek to serve our customers by creating value quickly in all that we do.

Innovate The Experience

Our innovation starts and stops with the customer, not our technology. We aim to continuously innovate and improve all aspects of how our customers experience 46 Labs.

ECO Carrier Voice

Consumption Pricing

Eco Carrier Voice is sold using the peak utilization method. You only pay for what you consume in any given month.

Manage Existing Infrastructure

Hosting is included with Eco Carrier Voice, but you may deploy the switching and routing components in your own environments.

Speed to Market

We can have a hosted Eco Carrier Voice customer deployed in less than 24 hours, weekends included.

Join the Ecosystem

Eco Carrier Customers become part of the 46 Labs Ecosystem. This means that you are able to sell your services to other Eco Carriers as well as our Eco Partners and Enterprises.

Fully-Integrated Carrier Voice Solution


Tier 4 Infrastructure

A Tier 4 data center requires redundant and dual-powered instances of servers, storage, network links and power cooling equipment. It is the most advanced type of data center tier, where redundancy is applied across the entire data center computing and non-computing infrastructure.

Bring Your Own Network

Even though our Eco Infrastructure is fully managed, we allow our customers to bring their own network transport providers or announce their own BGP IP Spaces as part of our overall solution.

Dedicated Infrastructure and Support

Each Eco Carrier customer is given dedicated infrastructure in our facility. This allows us to provide security down to the bare-metal layer and prevents "noisy neighbor" issues that are present with public cloud providers.

Our Managed Datacenters

Texas Datacenter Virginia Datacenter


Our Eco Carrier customers form the foundation of the 46 Labs ecosystem. Their networks power our Eco Partners and Enterprises and our technology efficiently and reliably manages all of the interconnections.

Sprint Impact Telnyx USA Digital Globalgig

Do You Qualify?

  • Are you a licensed carrier?

  • Are you equipped to sell and support carrier solutions?

  • Do you have a monthly budget of $2500.00 for a turnkey carrier platform?

Join the Ecosystem


Many carriers often find themselves in the position where they wish to focus their efforts on sales and marketing, rather than running a network. Joining 46 Labs as an Eco Partner allows carriers to outsource their network, while still maintaining their customers and brand.

Become an eco partner