Peeredge 400


Constructed to handle the complexities of
wholesale tehlephony. In a simple, secure and
profitable way.

Our tools are building blocks and are all designed
to work together or with existing Session Border
Controllers or OSS/BSS systems.

The Peeredge platform can be tailored to your deployment
needs. Our goal is to allow our solutions to either complement or
replace any or all aspects of your network.

Cloud — Fully Hosted

We manage the solution end to end in our datacenters.

Hybrid — Semi Hosted

We work cooperatively with you to manage the solution.

On Premise

You manage the entire solution inside of your datacenter.

One of the most sophisticated and flexible building blocks in the
Peeredge Wholesale platform is our routing engine. It can be
used with the Peeredge SBC or existing switching infrastructure
(via 302-redirect).

Domestic Routing

You can route US/Canada traffic across all jurisdictions, including local and peering arrangements.

International Routing

Route international traffic to/from any worldwide destination.

Least Cost Routing

Calls can be routed to a least cost destination while also maintaining profit-protection and/or revenue assurance.

Static Routing

You can statically route calls to specific destination.

Percentage Routing

We support percentage route traffic on a per-destination or per routeplan level.

Dialed Number LRN

Route to the dialed-number and LRN level, while maintaining profit protection and revenue assurance.

We designed the Peeredge platform to allow you to take
advantage of every profit opportunity, maximize the quality of
traffic carried and enable efficient sales operations.

1—Click Ratedecks

Create templates for single-click ratedeck uploads and distribution.

Pricing Tools

Use the price generation tool to build competitive products for your customers.

Easy Destination

Our master codelist feature allows you to normalize dialed prefix to destinations, so sales reporting is consistent across all customers and vendors.

Ratedeck Tracking

Create and e-mail ratedecks directly from the platform, tracking whether a ratedeck was received and opened.

The Peeredge Wholesale platform includes invoicing, balance-
limit management, payment integration and customer self-
service portals. These tools work cooperatively to allow a small
team to manage a large number of carrier relationships.


A full invoicing suite, including automatic distribution of invoices, e-mail tracking and invoice history.

Balance Control

Realtime off-setting of traffic, both vendor and customer side balance limits, balance history and templating.

PayPal Integrated

There is support for wire transfer, check, account credit and direct Paypal integration. Peeredge


Carriers can download CDRs, get invoice information and traffic statistics, make payments and update their IP information.

Our patented streaming analytics technology facilitates up to the
second performance reporting, fraud detection and balance
management at any scale.


Key performance metrics including quality, capacity, profit and graphing are located on a single, realtime dashboard.

Fraud Detection

We capture media information from the call stream to determine the ultimate originator and terminator of the phone call. Our blocking technology can sniff through spoofed phone numbers and stop calls at the source.

Route Metrics

Route performance metrics including ASR, ALOC, QSR, PDD, minutes, completes and attempts are streamed and graphed to give both a realtime and historical performance allowing you to optimize routing decisions.

Capacity Control

Capacity reporting, including active sessions, attempted calls-per-second and allowed calls-per-second are calculated on a trunk group basis.

We provide numerous tools to allow traffic to be tracked and
diagnosed. SIP signaling is captured for every call across the
platform and stored historically for later review. In addition, our
live tracing solution exists at the edge of the network, giving you
a realtime view into the SIP traffic flowing across your network.

Historical Tracing

Each call that writes a CDR in our platform has its SIP signaling attached to the record for diagnostic purposes.

Realtime Tracing

Realtime SIP tracing exists at the edge of the network for all calls over Peeredge Wholesale network.

Routing Bypass

Completely bypass routing logic and force a call to a given terminating carrier without changing overall routing for the originating carrier.