Perimeter Cloud

Bare-metal cloud for carrier voice workloads

Outsource your infrastructure and your worry to a company purposefully built to securely manage and optimize billions of calls per day.

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Fully Managed

24/7/365 Ops Included

Our private deployment infrastructure is managed by the same Datacenter & Connectivity and Support teams that keep the production workloads of some of the world’s largest carriers and enterprises secure and stable.


We maintain a staff of security engineers to mitigate DDOS and intrusion attempts and always leverage security best practices when protecting the workloads of our customers. We are actively following newly released security rules and standarts.

  • GDPR complient
  • SOC 2 complient

Cloud Lifecycle

We are uniquely positioned to assist our customers with capturing or managing every voice opportunity they have. Perimeter Cloud is running smoothly with a proven lifecycle of managing not only hardware, but upgrading, patching, maintaining and monitoring all aspects of a cloud.

No Virtualization

Unlike traditional cloud environments, the Perimeter Cloud has no virtualization overhead. This means that workloads directly access server resources, without the latency and complexity caused by software hypervisors. This is especially important in high volume voice networks with thousands of calls per second and huge volumes of RTP voice payloads.

No Noisy Neighbors

Sharing resources across all of service provider’s customers is an efficient way of managing hardware and considerably less expensive. However, it means that one customer’s bad hair day can affect every other customer on the network.

This is simply unacceptable to us, which is why we designed our cloud to be different:

  • For customers small enough to warrant shared resources, we put limits on their ability to consume more than their fair share and bulkhead customers into clusters to prevent contagion.
  • For larger customers, we provide dedicated infrastructure, which is not shared in any way with other customers.

Bring Your Own ASN

We allow our customers to broadcast their own AS Number over our infrastructure and host their IP Addressing in our environment. You can move your network, without disrupting your customers.

Bring Your Own IP

Our customers are not required to utilize our public BGP blend of network providers and can bring their own carriers to the mix. Extend a dedicated IP network, SD-Wan or MPLS/VPLS mesh into our facilities.

Private Interconnects

We maintain an HA deployment of large-scale VPN appliances at each of our datacenters and support dedicated cross-connects and Layer (1/2) P2P circuits. Extend your network privately utilizing VPN connectivity or GRE Tunneling.


Dallas DAL1


Dallas is home to Peeredge’ first datacenter, a major hub of voice and data exchange within North and Central America. Because of its proximity to many telecommunication companies, Dallas has long been a key Internet and peering exchange point for many networks.

Northern Virginia IAD1


Northern Virginia is the fastest growing datacenter location in the world. Anchored by large public cloud tenants, the US federal government and the densest concentration of fiber and connectivity in the United States, this location is perfectly situated as a key point-of-presence (POP) for carriers and enterprises alike.


A Perimeter MicroPop is a fully contained Perimeter Cloud solution that includes all hardware, networking, monitoring and connectivity necessary to deploy the Perimeter Softswitch or IQ traffic intelligence platform.

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