Perimeter IQ

Manage and automate global voice infrastructure

Streamline management and reduce costs through automated traffic profit and quality optimization, reduced headcount requirements, in-stream filtering and deeper reporting visibility.

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Bring Your Own Switch

The Peeredge® Perimeter IQ platform is capable of managing any modern-day softswitch, open source SIP application or SBC capable of SIP 3xx redirects. It has a proprietary data pipeline which allows:

  • Real-time ingestion of call detail records
  • No external dipping of local or mobile number portability on a per-country basis

The Peeredge Ecosystem

Perimeter IQ is natively integrated into the entire Peeredge® Ecosystem. This includes the hyper-scale Perimeter Softswitch and our UC-optimized multi-datacenter Cloud. Our ecosystem supports:

  • Multiple deployment options
  • Tailored pricing models
  • Flexible payment terms
  • No CAPEX or support agreement requirements


Machine-Learning Routing

Our machine-learning based routing will seek and profit optimize carrier networks down to the code level or drive cost savings in enterprise networks.

Wholesale Ratedeck Management

Automatically tailor new customer ratedecks to optimize profitability based on historical traffic trends for carriers.

Invoicing Engine

Simplify billing, reconciliation, taxation and collections.


Single Pane of Glass

Peeredge® Perimeter IQ leverages the power of our patented data pipeline to process real time analytics in steam, which gives a powerful single pane of glass approach to monitoring and troubleshooting. The platform allows:

  • Capturing and storing all signaling-related traces (PCAPs) and MOS scores
  • Calling record traffic as it moves across carrier networks

Real-time Analytics

Tasks like provisioning, routing and troubleshooting require multiple disparate tools and swivel chair operations in geographically diverse locales. Perimeter IQ platform simplifies these burdens by:

  • Consolidating visibility and control into a single interface
  • Effectively flattening the operational landscape
  • Allowing one touch changes across a distributed network
  • Self-healing and self-managing voice networks when coupled with Perimeter IQ Softswitch

Cloud Native

Open API 3.0 Compliant

The entire Perimeter Softswitch deployment is Open API 3.0 Compliant and fully RESTful for integration into modern applications.

Private Cloud

The Perimeter Softswitch also supports all major on-premise cloud deployments, including VMWare, OpenStack, Proxmox, Joyent and Ubuntu LXD.

Public Cloud

The Perimeter Softswitch supports all major public cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and IBM Cloud

Feature Sets


Routing Locations:
United States
International Routing Types:
Origination, Termination
Specific Routing Supported:
  • US & Canada Jurisdictional Termination
  • Dialed Number Termination
  • International A-number Termination
  • Dialed Number
  • Peering
  • US & Canada LCAD-based termination
  • Toll-Free Termination
  • Origination (DID)
  • Origination (Toll-Free)


Ratedecks Supported:
  • US & Canada Jurisdictional
  • Dialed-number Peering
  • US & Canada LCAD
  • International
  • International A-Number
  • Toll-Free Termination
  • Flat Rate
  • Origination
  • Toll-Free Origination
  • Tiered Origination (DID)

Automated Functions:
  • Ratedeck Distribution
  • Ratedeck Generation
  • Ratedeck Import
  • Trended Ratedeck Optimization
  • Profit Ratedeck Optimization
  • Performance Ratedeck Optimization


Reports Supported:
  • Relationship Performance
  • Termination Performance
  • Origination Performance
  • Termination Media Performance
  • Origination Media Performance
  • Termination Destination Performance
  • Origination Destination Performance
  • Filter Performance
  • Trunk Group Performance
  • Live Call Performance
  • Duration Performance, SIP Code Performance


Routing Request Rate:
Scalable to an unlimited number of calls per second (CPS)
CDR Ingestion Rate:
Tested up to 10,000 calls per second (CPS) per cluster
Datacenters Supported:
Unlimited Datacenter feeds
Customer Relationships:


Accounting Actions:
  • Automated Invoicing
  • Balance Management and Suspension
  • Taxation
  • Online Payments
  • Templating

Accounting Primitives:
  • Custom Invoice Frequencies
  • Custom Rounding
  • Custom Currencies
  • Paypal Integration
  • Suretax Integration
  • Authorize.Net integration

Fraud Prevention

Detection Methods:
  • Unusual Trunk Group Activity
  • Spend Per Day
  • Unusual Destination Activity
  • Unusual Media Activity

Number Portability

Formats Supported:
United States
International Formats:
US & Canada LNP/MNP Database

Call Filtering

Automated Call Filtering:
ANI-based, DNIS-based, Media IP
International Formats:
  • ASR
  • ALOC
  • PPM
  • SD%
  • SIP 404 code
  • SIP 487 code

Portal Access

User Interfaces:
Subscriber, Relationship, Agent
Relationship Security:
  • HTTPs
  • SFTP
  • Advanced User Management
Two person handshake

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