Perimeter Softswitch

An infinitely scalable carrier-grade softswitch

Zero-touch management, visibility and high availability global automation of your voice network.

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Infinite Scale

The Perimeter Softswitch is designed to scale to any need. Given that it is modular and centrally controlled, users can manage an unlimited number of global deployments, calls-per-second (CPS), media handling, transcoding and protocol conversions. You simply can’t out-scale Perimeter.

High Availability

High availability is achieved through the use of multiple modules, control protocols and OSPF. This means that if a component of the system becomes unavailable, the system will self-heal without user intervention.

Easy Deployment

Modular Design

Each piece of the Perimeter Softswitch is modular, allowing users to tailor their deployment to their unique traffic pattern. It supports following technologies:

  • Heavy Short Duration Traffic
  • Heavy Transcoding / Media Operations
  • UDP/TCP/TLS/RTP/SRTP Conversion
  • Protocol Repair and NAT Traversal
  • Public/Private Interface Bridging

Hybrid Deployment

The Perimeter Softswitch can concurrently be deployed on-premise, bare metal, cloud or in a fully managed environment. This means that you could use your existing datacenter while augmenting capacity or resiliency with an external provider.

Cloud Native

Open API 3.0 Compliant

The entire Perimeter Softswitch deployment is Open API 3.0 Compliant and fully RESTful for integration into modern applications.

Private Cloud

The Perimeter Softswitch also supports all major on-premise cloud deployments, including VMWare, OpenStack, Proxmox, Joyent and Ubuntu LXD.

Public Cloud

The Perimeter Softswitch supports all major public cloud providers, including Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace and IBM Cloud

Flex Licensing

Multi-Datacenter License Sharing

An HA pair of datacenters can share licensing and be configured in an Active-Active Load Balanced or Active-Passive failover configuration. This means that you aren't paying for licensing at each datacenter you deploy.

CAPEX and Maintenance Agreement Free

The Perimeter Softswitch, like the entire Perimeter Ecosystem, is sold as a service (SAAS) model. Users may purchase what they need, when they need it and pay for it on-demand. We have no CAPEX requirements and all upgrades and maintenance is included in the single monthly price.

Public Cloud

When deployed inside the Perimeter Cloud, the Perimeter Softswitch can be configured to enable bursting. Bursting allows users to not have to anticipate peaks in utilization, but rather rely on the infrastructure to automatically expand to handle the additional load automatically.

* Burst ports are billed using the 95th-percentile method

Operational Simplicity

Single Pane of Glass

The entire Perimeter Softswitch deployment can be managed through a single operational interface, regardless of the scale or the number of global deployments. The supported interfaces are a web-enabled GUI or a RESTful API.


Given that the Perimeter Softswitch is distributed as a SAAS model, all feature upgrades, bug fixes and enhancements are included as part of the service. You will never be required to rip and replace a piece of equipment to get the latest features or functionality.

Fully integrated into Perimeter IQ and Perimeter Cloud

The Perimeter Softswitch has native support for Perimeter IQ. This enables the switching platform to gain zero-touch management, automation and visibility as part of the overall Perimeter Ecosystem. As part of the Perimeter Cloud integration, you will never have to worry about managing infrastructure to support your voice operations.

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