I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can
gather strength from distress, and grow brave by
reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink,
but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience
approves his conduct, will pursue his principles
unto death.

— Thomas Paine
We are a team of experts from around the globe that seeks
to improve commercial telephony by building, supporting
and improving the infrastructure that underpins it.

We believe that talent exists in any language and on any
continent. We don’t require office hours, shaving or suits and
many our team members choose to work exclusively from home.


Trevor Francis

Founder & CEO

Daniel Howard

COO & General Counsel


Maria Baranchikova

Contract Administrator

Christina Boucher

Accounting Assistant


Ijaz Khan


Hamza Khan


Ali Sheikh

Senior Developer

José Luis Millân

Senior Developer

Iñaki Baz Castillo

Senior Developer

Luis Aguilera

Senior Developer

Maxim Bondarenko

Senior Developer

Ali Mumtaz

Director of Technology

Alejandro Sandoval

Development Manager

Noe Araujo

Design Manager

Naeem Sarwar

Lead Developer

Nick Altmann

Lead Developer

Yaser Almasri


Mauricio Perez


Samuel Bran



Anthony Yarborough

Senior Systems Administrator

Laurissa Meharry

Datacenter Engineer

Christopher Sorensen

Datacenter Manager


Imke Louis-Mensah

Director of Client Happiness

Frank Digrazia

Director of Sales - North America

Briggs Cardenas

Director of Sales - MCLA

Maria Kitaygora

Director of Sales - EMEA/APAC

Sergey Vasyaev

Director of Sales - Strategic Regions


Oliver Vermeulen

Director of Support

Irina Sheptyakova

Support Manager - 46 Labs

Aleksandr Volgin

Support Engineer - 46 Labs

Mikhail Shokurov

Support Engineer - 46 Labs

Aleksandr Plaksin

Support Engineer - 46 Labs

Dmitry Kovalev

Support Engineer - 46 Labs

Eugene Makeev

Support Engineer - 46 Labs

Mikhail Brylev

Support Engineer - 46 Labs


Margaret Lick

Director of Versatel Solutions

Alejandro Ontiveros

Support Manager - Versatel Solutions

Frank Egurrola

Support Engineer - Versatel Solutions

Manuel Keith

Support Engineer - Versatel Solutions